New PS DataModule and PumpScanner for Android App


LORENTZ will shortly introduce the PS DataModule (data logger) and PumpScanner Android App.
This combination of an addon board for the PS range of controllers and an application which runs on Android telephones / tablets brings a new level of control and monitoring to LORENTZ solar pump systems.

The PS DataModule is installed in the PS Controller. The PS DataModule measures the key data from the pump system and stores it in on-board memory. Depending on the sample rate up to 10 years of data can be stored.

To view real-time data or to collect historic data from the PS DataModule an application called “PumpScanner” is used. PumpScanner runs on the Android Operating System (smartphone or tablet) and communicates with the PS DataModule via Bluetooth. The communication distance is approximately 10m (30ft). Pump setting changes such as on/off timers and speed control can also be made


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